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Program at a glance:


17:30 19:00 Registration
18:30 19:30 Welcome reception




08:30 09:00 Registration



09:10 09:50 Keynote Lecture 09:00 09:40 Keynote lecture 09:00 09:40 Keynote Lecture
09:50 10:30 Contributed Talks 09:40 10:20 Contributed Talks 09:40 10:40 Contributed Talks
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break 10:20 10:50 Coffee Break 10:40 11:10 Coffee Break
11:00 12:20 Contributed Talks 10:50 12:10 Contributed Talks 11:10 12:30 Contributed Talks
12:20 14:00 Lunch Break 12:10 14:00 Lunch Break 12:30 12:40 Closure
14:00 14:40 Keynote Lecture 14:00 14:40 Keynote Lecture 12:20 14:30 Lunch Break
14:40 15:20 Contributed Talks 14:40 15:20 Contributed Talks
15:20 15:50 Coffee Break 15:20 15:50 Coffee Break
15:50 17:10 Contributed Talks 15:50 17:10 Contributed Talks
18:00 19:30 Aperitivo 20:00 22:30 Social Dinner

List of contributed talks:

A. Abbà, Abbate R. Bianchi, S. Caserini, E. Gentile, P. Macchi, G. Raos, F. Tarantola and S. Varliero LES of slaked lime dissolution
L. Banetta, L. Cattarossi, D. L. Marchisio and D. Tordella Homogenization of the turbulence inside autoclaves by using randomly localized velocity perturbations
 M. Gorokhovski and S.Oruganti  SGS models of sprays in the under-resolved turbulence 
R. Zamansky Stochastic dynamics of fluid tracers in turbulence
S. Chibbaro Advances in stochastic modelling of particle-laden flows
Hadrien Calmet, Kiao Inthavong, Ambrus Both and Daniel Mira Large Eddy Simulation of a cough over a ten minute exposure.
Guodong Jin and Zhideng Zhou Subgrid-Scale models for small-scale processes in LES of particle-laden turbulent flows
J.Z. Wu, C. Le Ribault, I. Vinkovic and S. Simöens Large eddy simulation of dune evolution by wind erosion, sand transport and deposition
M. Rajek, J. Pozorski, V. Pandey and B. Rosa Particle statistics in isotropic turbulence: subgrid field impact
J. Wang, F. Dalla Barba, A. Roccon, A. Soldati and F. Picano LES of evaporating droplets in dilute turbulent sprays: modeling and applications
P.M. Carbone, D. Maraglino, D. De Padova, M. Mossa, F. Zonta Interaction of a turbulent, submerged jet with a free surface
G. Camerlengo, D. Kolomenskiy and J. Sesterhenn Particle resuspension by impinging jets: the effects of turbulence
G. D’Alessandro, C. Marchioli and U. Piomelli Wall-modelled LES of turbulent flow over a two-dimensional dune with superimposed bedforms
P. Wang, B. Li and X.J. Zheng Large eddy simulation of charged sand saltating and electric field in the near-surface layer
G. C. Abade and M. Waclawczyk Lagrangian stochastic microphysics at unresolved scales in turbulent cloud simulations
M. Waclawczyk, E. O. Akinlabi, J. L. Nowak, S. P. Malinowski Structural modelling of subgrid scales in LES of stratocumulus clouds
P.L. Johnson Turbophoresis, particle collisions and drop deformation in LES
J. Pallares, A. Fabregat, S. Cito and C. Marchioli The 2022 International CFD challenge on violent expiratory events
M. Hausmann, V. Chéron, F. Evrard and B. van Wachem Subgrid-scale enrichment of particle-laden turbulence by solution of a set of physically derived model equations in Eulerian frame
F. Maniscalco, Y. Stiriba, A. Buffo and M. Vanni A combined LES-PBM approach in bubble columns modeling
M. Atzori, S. Chibbaro, C. Duwig, and L. Brandt LES and RANS calculations of particle dispersion behind a wall-mounted cubic obstacle
A. Lattanzi, S. Subramaniam and J. Capecelatro A stochastic model for the drag force acting on a suspension of particles
T. Appel, T. Jaravel and B. Cuenot Particle deposition and dispersion using wall-modelled and wall-resolved large eddy simulation
L. Andrè, T. Kiwitt, M. Meinke and W. Schroder Direct Particle-Fluid Simulations of Pipe Flow
D. Richter, G. Wang and W. Gao Multiphase influences of particles in high-Re wall turbulence
M. A. Sayed, A. Dehbi, B. Niceno and K. Mikityuk Particle subgrid scale modeling in hybrid RANS/LES of turbulent channel flow at low to moderate Reynolds number
C.-M. Xie, J.-W. Jiang and W.-X. Huang Large eddy simulation of cavitating tip-vortex flows around an elliptical hydrofoil
R. Meller, F. Schlegel and M. Klein  Modelling and a-posteriori assessment of closure models for sub-grid surface tension considering a rising gas bubble 
J. Wang, F. Dalla Barba, A. Roccon, G. Sardina, A. Soldati and F. Picano LES-based modelling the direct virus exposure risk associated with respiratory events
S. Yücesan, H. Habersack and M. Tritthart LES of secondary ows in low-aspect ratio turbulent open-channel ows over heterogeneous surfaces
M. Cianferra and V. Armenio Numerical study of a flow in cavitation regime with complete Rayleigh-Plesset model